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Recent photos 2009/10

Moving in - June 2006

 Honey Cottage was originally a farm cottage with significant outbuildings in the period through to c.1920. After this time the farm appears to have started to fall into disrepair. Around the 1953 the barn section on the south westerley end fell down and some fairly indeterminate repairs made.

In the late 1970's the previous owners to us renovated sections of the cottage which brought it to the stage where we bought it.(In the meantime it became a Grade 2 listed property) became a Grade 2 listed property)

We purchased the property, which had three bedrooms, in 2002 with the hope of being able to extend it. It is is a fantastic location and has grounds of c. 1.5 acres with it's own spring fed lake.

Having decided that we wanted to extend the cottage we needed to decide what we roughly wanted, which was an oak frame in keeping with the original, and an architect. After some searching we found Gary Bain who is a specialist in this field. However, Gary had a waiting list of a year - in retrospect this was ideal as we could live in the cottage and really decide what was important. At the same time we contacted the builders who have worked with Gary on many of his oak framed projects. Tony Burden and his sons also had a waiting list so we made sure we were on that too!

So, in late 2003/early 2004 we sat down with Gary and outlined our requirements:

A modern contemporary feel within the oak framed extension

Two additional bedrooms, one en-suite

A study

A feature Dining Hall and Kitchen

An additional shower/toilet.

And then to replace a pretty ghastly set of outbuildings:

A 'Shed' with Changing Room, Boiler Room, Hobby Workshop and Garden Store

After subsequent discussions we also added a wine cellar to the 'Shed'

Planning! To come, the story of obtaining planning and the start of work in May 2005.

The demolition works for the 'Shed' in May/June 2005

The building works over the Summer.

Time moves on and the building is starting to take shape as October starts.

The frame construction starts! See the pictures here.